About THSM

At this school everything flows first and foremost out of daily growth and intimacy with the Lord as you learn to live within His presence. You will find your mind stretched and your worldview shifting as you learn strategic thinking that will enable you to infiltrate society, bringing Kingdom transformation wherever you go. You will also grow in gifting and character in such a way that, like Daniel, you will be able to influence even the highest levels of society when you are invited into the inner circles of world leaders.

We are living in potentially the greatest hour of human history. You have endless opportunities in front of you to be numbered among those that have forever changed the world simply by fulfilling their potential as sons of God. And wherever your journey takes you, may your life be used to bring the Kingdom in fullness and power.

The House School of Ministry

Our Mission: To raise up reformers like Moses and Daniel who stand in the courts of kings and bring Kingdom transformation to the world around them. Powerful, prophetic, wisdom-filled sons of God.

Our Goal: To raise up people who are:

Powerful – Secure in their identity as ambassadors of the great I Am.

Prophetic – Able to hear and release the creative word of the Lord.

Wisdom-Filled – Strategically maximizing what God has given them to create the greatest impact.

Sons of God – Commissioned to carry out the heavenly mission.