Frequently Asked Questions

How much time outside of class is required?
Outside of class requirements include:
– Weekly bible reading
– Weekly church attendance (at The House)
– Twice monthly volunteering during church service
– Monthly reading assignments & reports
This adds up to about 4-6 hours outside of class time each week.

What financial commitments outside of tuition are required?
A complete reading list will be provided at the beginning of the school year. This will allow students to purchase new, used or digital copies of books as needed. The annual missions trip is also an additional cost. The trips range from $300 to $3600 depending on the location. Students will be advised and assisted in fundraising to help supplement this cost.

How many absences are allowed?
Each students is designated 7 absences for the entire year. Students who exceed 7 absences will not graduate, but may qualify to receive a participation certificate. Absences should not be regarded as something to spend (like vacation days at work), but rather as a back-up for sickness, family needs or commitments that cannot be avoided. Students will be notified when they reach 5 absences, and may be asked to leave the school if absences become excessive.

Can I attend part-time (like one day per week)?
The House School of Ministry is designed to be a holistic experience that helps shape worldviews, creates a context for meaningful relationships, and provides experiences to grow in ministry and the supernatural. Because of the nature of this experience, it is not possible to participate part time and receive the full benefit. So, at this time, there is no part-time or online option.

Where will the mission trip locations be?
Mission trip locations will be announced in October. For those who are unable to travel internationally, there is a local and domestic trip option. While destinations are different each year, past locations have included Brazil, Ireland, England, Thailand, Malaysia, and an undisclosed nation in the East.

Do I have to go on a mission trip?
It is required that students participate on a missions team in order to graduate. There is a “local” trip option that ministers in the Minnesota River Valley region. This trip mainly stays within the typical school hours (Wednesday and Thursday evenings) and weekends. It is designed for those with work or family commitments that prevent them from traveling internationally.

What does graduating from THSM mean?
The House School of Ministry does not license or ordain students. We will assist graduating students who desire to pursue licensing or ordination through The River Fellowship or other preferred organization. Students who graduate from THSM find that they have increased opportunity within The House Church for leadership, and also feel more prepared and confident to serve in other ministries and organizations. Second Year and Internship options also help shape opportunities and bring alignment for graduating students.

If I complete first year, do I have to attend second year to receive the full experience?
No. First year is designed to be a complete experience that will help equip students to live a supernatural and wisdom-filled lifestyle. Second year is an independent experience that is designed to help individuals lead in ministry (in the marketplace, church, home church or other setting). Some students complete both programs back to back, while others take a year or more off and return for the second year. The first year THSM program must be completed to apply for second year.

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